Sheamus - Written In My Face

2012.05.20 18:16

Sheamus bevonuló zenéje ugyancsak annak a Jim Johnstonnak a nevéhez fűződik, aki a WWE több szupersztárjának zenéjét, PPV adások főcím dalát is írta már a szervezetnek.

A Kelta harcos debütálása óta erre a zenére vonul be.

Written In My Face

Read the words that are written in my face
Oh I believe them, I believe them

It's a shame that they lost their head
A careless man who could wind up dead
You wear your sin like it's some kind of prize
Too many lies, too many lies

These words are true and I'll make you believe
Yeah, you fight for air and struggle just to breathe
And you wear your cowardice well
And I will see you ride it straight to Hell

It's written in my face, the shadows of my eyes
When the devil comes a-calling, it breaks your earthly ties
The land will break and the seas will rise
The wind will rage as it burns up the sky
All your beliefs will be broken and fall
On your final day, cause I'll end it all